Blood and Salt by Anna Katherine

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Gaby has always felt a little too big for her small town — but once she moves to New York City, she realizes that despite all her effort, she’s a little too plain and a little too nerdy for anything really exciting. Then a geeky-cute guy bumps into her outside a bar and suddenly she’s caught up in a whirlwind of mayhem and adventure as her childhood dreams of magic take on a dark reality. Now she has to deal with blood demons, demon hunters, a gambling mermaid, and a mystical energy trying to make a place for itself inside her soul. Oh, and Doors to Hell that talk to her.

Unfortunately, Gaby doesn’t get time to read the instruction manual — there’s a war between factions of blood demons that she’s right in the middle of, and both sides want to kill her and the geeky-cute demon who started all of this. Together, they team up with the snarky, sarcastic demon hunters — seriously, she’s never seen anyone roll their eyes so much in her entire life — and try to figure out a way to outwit demons, witches, the mermaid (who she suspects may actually be a trickster god, how is this her life), and escape from Hell itself… all while trying to stay alive and, just maybe, come out on top. Dream big, right?

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